I knew this would happen. Too bad I wasn’t able to write about it.

I predicted a blowout for the first game, in favor of the Warriors. The reason: KD.

Need I say anything else?

I don’t think they have any answer. Weakest link in the Warriors’ team is Curry… and he dropped 28 in what, 34 minutes? Damn. So that’s less time for the Cavs to abuse his defense.

Worse, the Warriors’ defensive switches is beautiful. It’s like the triangle defense. Curry would always try to run over screens for Cavs to make adjustments, but he would always leave when a third player arrives in the scene. In short, Warriors literally rotate to protect Curry. Klay may not be a scorer now, but his defense. Phew.

LeBron and Kyrie really are the top ISO players in the NBA. Warriors needed to make them sweat and wear them out. They succeeded. If Kyrie and King shoot below 45%, they will lose.

In short, Cavs will need BRILLIANT games from BOTH Kyrie and LeBron in order to elevate their team. Without brilliant games, game 1 will multiply into 4 games and it’s a wrap. I think Channing Frye is a good player, but they selected Jones over him to do garbage time. Deron Williams looks definitely overweight, or his age caught up to his weight, and he looks slow out there. I recall this one instance he struggled to elevate for his jumpshot, and obviously it was short.

While it was a blowout, the game had that competitive vibe. Cavs just made too many turnovers, and didn’t make their threes.

All things considered, Warriors will always win this matchup by 10 points or less; except when Kyrie AND LeBron post great games.

If I was into betting, I would bet with the Cavs, much better percentage winning. I think.

Two days before game 2. Meh.